Bye Bye 2010! You Will Be Tough To Top!

Bye Bye 2010! You Will Be Tough To Top!

Today is the last day of 2010, and I’m sitting here pondering everything that happened in 2010 and what I’m hoping to accomplish in 2011. Very cliche of me, I know! I typically hate these lists, and even more than that I hate predictions and resolutions for the coming year. So with regards to 2011, I’ll say that I have just 3 plans and goals.

1) Nimble is going to kick some serious ass, and I’m going to learn a ton, do a ton, experience a ton, while driving social media and community engagement there.

2) I’m going to really enjoy being a newly married person, and I’m going to learn a ton here as well.

3) I’m going to get rid of my extra plumpness which I acquired exclusively throughout the past 1.5 months.

But… I’d be remiss if I didn’t address 2010 as it’s getting ready to depart. 2010 was probably one of the most important years of my life, and it will certainly be hard to top. Just thinking about it, it’s hard to imagine that all of this happened to me in just one year. So it’s with mixed emotions that I say goodbye to 2010. I’m feeling unbelievably blessed and grateful for this extraordinary year. I’m a little bummed that it’s over. I’m a bit befuddled at how in the world I’ll ever top this. I’m excited at the challenge of making 2011 a close contender for 2010. Let’s bring. It. On. Here’s just a summary of the amazing events that shaped my life in just one year, in no particular order.

1) I got married! Yes, I lied about the “no particular order” thing. I’m putting the most important thing first. Yes, this day was monumental. This event was so huge for me that I couldn’t even write my vows until the day of. How in the world do you tell someone that you love them more than anything? How do encapsulate a moment that’s so much bigger than both of you into words? And without bursting into tears? Well, even though I managed to write them and say them, that last part was a challenge for sure. The best thing about getting married is that I married the best man I’ve ever met. I imagined my ideal husband many times, and he turned out to be a fraction of what Greg is: super-smart, wonderful, kind, caring, with a big personality and even a bigger heart. He’s a pretty awesome husband so far, and going to be an amazing dad.

2) I took the best trip of my life for my honeymoon to Argentina and Costa Rica. Thanks to our travel planner, we traveled in style, stayed in swanky honeymoon suites, ate amazing food, drank great wine and really enjoyed life.

3) I joined a great new startup Nimble right before the wedding, and been running with it ever since. We are up to some serious awesomeness and you should keep an eye on our launch in January.

4) My family got a whole lot bigger. Greg has 50 (!!) first cousins and 3 brothers, each of whom has a family of his / her own.

4) I was able to see my Russian family at my wedding, which is a much better circumstance than last time I saw them.

5) I started the year working at Biz360, which got acquired by Attensity in April. I learned a ton in the process, about social media monitoring, text analytics, NLP. Getting acquired and melding with another company’s culture was also a learning experience.

6) I finessed my blogging skills, learned a ton about social business, and met some amazing people. A particular highlight was meeting Paul Greenberg at the Gartner conference in June. I’m humbled to call Paul a friend, and he is someone I admire very much and learn a ton from. Paul, thank you for your friendship.

7) I also met Jon Ferrara, the founder and visionary behind Nimble. I’m excited to learn a lot from this very smart and dynamic guy.

8) I survived wedding planning – Yep, enough said!

9) I lost 5% body fat for the wedding, which I’ve seen gained back.. And then some..

Upwards and onwards, 2011! I hope you can look at 2010 and try to emulate it. Happy 2011 everyone! What have been your key moments of 2010?


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