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I’m happy to announce that I’m teaching my first class on community management on March 19th. I’m partnering with the Parisoma innovation loft in San Francisco. But it’s not a simple class where you show up and the instructor feeds you content that may or may not answer your needs — we get to co-create […]

Based on articles I’ve been reading lately in mainstream and tech blogs alike, it seems that there’s a major lack of understanding around community management. I personally don’t care what you call it, as long as you do it, but various articles, contests and job descriptions make me think that most people think that community […]

We made a mistake today when sending out an email invitation to a webinar we are hosting. Unfortunately, as a result of this mistake, we sent this email to users who weren’t supposed to get it; in some cases, they received it multiple times. We wanted to take a minute to apologize for that and […]