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I’m happy to announce that I’m teaching my first class on community management on March 19th. I’m partnering with the Parisoma innovation loft in San Francisco. But it’s not a simple class where you show up and the instructor feeds you content that may or may not answer your needs — we get to co-create […]

As you know, I love data and measurement. In my last post, I started to explore the importance of measuring impact that your brand is having on social media outlets, such as blogs, microblogs, forums, etc. In another post, I discussed the dichotomy of needing to have a long-term marketing strategy, as well as short […]

Moderate in Moderation

19, Nov 2009

I can’t imagine anyone who is a community management practitioner and hasn’t heard about what happened over at If you haven’t been following this story, here’s a brief synopsis. Last Friday, did their daily word of the day section of the blog, where readers are encouraged to participate in a light-hearted discussion. In […]

The job description of a community manager has evolved, and the jury is still out on the “official” description. Some companies consider community management closer to moderation, the more traditional sense of the word. This makes a lot of sense for companies who are building and nurturing their own vibrant communities. However, if you are […]

One of the most important tasks of a community manager is to be a conduit between the community and internal departments. One such department is product management. A good community manager understands what the community wants in terms of product, and is able to curate the community’s many needs, while reading between the lines. Then […]

Those of you who know me, know that I’ve been focusing on community management. Why community management? It’s an amazing field, albeit fairly nascent, for which I have a lot of passion, and which I think is well positioned for an exploding growth trajectory.¬†Daniel Pink in his book “A Whole New Mind” corroborates¬†Thomas Friedman‘s notion […]

I don’t like asking for help. I think there is way too much self-promotion going on on Twitter anyway, and I hate adding to the noise. So what does looking for a job mean? I believe that the truly amazing jobs aren’t the ones that you find in ads. They are the jobs that you […]