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This post was reposted from the Nimble blog, with the purpose of retaining a copy of the blogpost in my blogging portfolio. I was working on a blogpost¬†the other day, talking about humanness in corporate social media, as well as the phenomenon of the professional and personal worlds blending. I knew that somewhere, a long […]

If the title of this post doesn’t ring a bell, you probably haven’t been reading enough Twitter bios or “About Me” sections of blogposts. I have worked for all kinds of companies, large and small, B2B and B2C, some of which have legal departments and some of which don’t. Trust me, the implications of saying […]

Republishing here the post I wrote for Attensity; it’s one of my personal favorites, which means a lot to me personally and professionally. Community management is not new. People have been managing communities since communities and user groups were first created. Someone has always had to make sure that the community or user group is […]