Why Social Silk?

silk larvae

silk larvae, click image for photo credit

Hello! I’m Maria Ogneva, your community gal next door, aka cat herder, aka voice of your brand. In short, I help companies develop, grow and nurture their online and offline communities. Effective community management opens you up to a new group of consumers, carrying the brand voice beyond your website. Community management raises awareness among the unaware, gets the aware interested, helps the interested take action and become consumers, and turns customers into passionate brand ambassadors, while helping remedy less-than-stellar experiences of some other customers (let’s face it, it happens to all of us, we just need to deal with it proactively).

Why silk? When naming this blog, I was looking for a naturally found substance which stands for underestimated strength. After tons of web searching and nerding out with wikipedia, I had it! Silk was the perfect metaphor, because it’s one of the strongest materials found on earth. However, it’s not one that we think of immediately, because it’s so light and gossamer. This quiet strength is exactly how I think of strength of communities. In the online world, strength of many many communities is the backbone of the social web. It turns many weak connections into strong ones, uniting community members under a common passion. This passion is there, working for us in the background, enduring and beautiful. But if you ignore your communities, your online efforts won’t endure.

Like silk binds spiderwebs together, so does community involvement bind the social web.