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Consumers have many shopping options, and retailers are starting to realize that. Brick and mortar retailers (well, at least some of them) are working hard to stay relevant and compete with more efficient and ubiquitous online retailers, and now that social media and realtime communications have blown conventional fashion and retail secrecy to pieces, the […]

This post is adapted from a post originally written for FashionablyMarketing.Me If there‚Äôs one thing that you should take away from this post, it is that Marketing (online, social or otherwise) is not a drive-by shooting. Marketing is holistic, and great marketing plans take time to develop and nurture. This is true for online, as […]

A solid mobile application is one of the best ways for businesses to be social, while using location-based services, leveraging native mobile apps and reaching folks on the go. However, a lot of mobile apps leave a lot to be desired, and sometimes it seems that companies are making them just to say they did […]

Last Wednesday, Macala Wright Lee, Crosby Noricks and myself were amazingly lucky to share our passion for blending fashion and technology during our fashion and retail panel during Jeff Pulver‘s 140 Conference. The major issues we tried to tackle (as much as possible to do in 10 minutes) were: innovation in social sites and applications, […]