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Last week I participated in a #CMGR tweet chat (a tweet chat for community management professionals). When I do find time to participate, it’s always a real treat, and so it’s one of my top tweetchats that I try to attend. Last week we talked about influencer programs. As a community “purist”, I’ve always felt […]

“Should I have a personal and a professional account? Should I keep them separate?” I get this question all the time. Or this: “I have many interests, wouldn’t I want to tweet them to different accounts so that people can choose to follow what they want?”┬áMy answer has been and will always be to have […]

Made you look, didn’t I? I actually didn’t come up with this title to get clicks. I was feeling genuinely bored of “How to set up your Google+ Circles” and “Whom to follow on Google+” blogposts. I was counting down the days until we have lists of top 10 people to put in your circle. […]

Over the past 1-2 years, I’ve been having a conversations with savvy folks lately who run in the social media / startup world about a sticky point that seems to have some complexity. That issue is privacy, ownership and portability of social graphs and communications by the “social employee” who does any outreach or relationship […]

In the spirit of correct attribution, the above title is my cheeky take on Naughty By Nature’s OPP – if you don’t know what this song is, I can’t help you. An unpleasant event happened to me very recently that made this post a necessity. Someone ripped off my content, to pass it off as […]

This post was reposted from the Attensity blog, with the purpose of retaining a copy of the blogpost in my blogging portfolio. This post was inspired by Phil Simon’s post yesterday on Mike 2.0, the open source standard for information management, as well as many other blogposts. Phil’s post talks the poor customer experience that […]

This post was reposted from the Attensity blog, with the purpose of retaining a copy of the blogpost in my blogging portfolio. I just came back form the Geo-Loco conference, which is exactly what it sounds like: a conference focused on adoption of and issues around Geo-Location apps and devices, also known as Location-Based Services […]

I’ve been observing the rise of an alarming trend in the world of social media: the growth of social media ego. It’s nothing new, as social media’s rise has offered a new way to increase people’s profiles. Some people have truly earned their newfound fame by providing original thought and seeding the community with thought-provoking […]

Republishing here the post I wrote for Attensity; it’s one of my personal favorites, which means a lot to me personally and professionally. Community management is not new. People have been managing communities since communities and user groups were first created. Someone has always had to make sure that the community or user group is […]

I got the idea for this post while going through some travel mishaps caused by the Icelandic Volcanic Ash Cloud. Here’s a bit of background: I flew Air France to Moscow via Paris, and Delta was fulfilling my flight back to New York’s JFK’s airport (whose customer was I really? It’s still not clear). Although […]